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Watch Home Instead Swansea owner, Ben Ruddle, on ITV News Wales talking about the dangers of heat for the elderly. Home Instead Senior Care were on ITV News Wales last week helping to raise awareness of the dangers of heatwaves for the elderly. For more information visit our website or phone us on 0800 085 2393
Tony Robinson and the Team visit a tiny windswept island off the coast of Wales. The only way to get to it is by rigging a 500-metre zip wire way above the wave-lashed rocks. Incredibly, it seems that Gateholm Island in Pembrokeshire was once inhabited, but whether by Romans, Vikings, Celts or druids nobody knows. A handful of mysterious objects were found on the island years ago, including a rare Roman stone phallus and a beautiful bronze stag, suggesting that it may have been some sort of religious centre. Of course, the Team have to dig for answers, but the [More]
Llechwedd Slate Caverns is a visitor attraction in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd, Wales. It details of the history of slate quarrying in the town and specifically the Llechwedd quarry in which it is located. llechwedd slate caverns prices llechwedd slate caverns discount vouchers llechwedd slate caverns map llechwedd slate caverns postcode llechwedd slate caverns weddings llechwedd slate caverns jobs llechwedd slate caverns reviews pentref llechwedd village
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-Click Here- This week, The Comic Guru shows you and discusses two of his newest and favourite items for sale in the Comic Guru; The Pride, a comic with a superhero superteam made up of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) superheroes, and a book based around Welsh and Arthurian legend and mythology! -Links- Our Website: Twitter: Facebook: Tags: “Independent Comic Books” “Welsh Independent Comic Books” “Comic Book Shop” Welsh Wales The Pride LGBT Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Superhero Supergroup New Brilliant Review Comic Guy
A short film showing how European funding is supporting businesses in south east Wales
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The monasteries in 1500 were the biggest landowners in England and Wales after the King, and this placed them at the forefront of early Tudor technology and farming. Wool production became known as ‘the jewel in the realm’ of the English economy in Tudor times and accounted for around half the country’s wealth. Monasteries capitalised on this massively, owning flocks that numbered thousands of sheep and keeping a virtual monopoly on the export of wool to foreign countries. Monastic tenant farmers were second to none when it came to exploiting the huge commercial potential of sheep farming. Ruth gets to [More] It sometimes happens that we find ourselves on the layoff roster put out by an employer. Part time jobs as a wave of the new economy is a very real, very manageable phenomenon. We need to avoid falling back onto old and tired job notions, though.